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Monero-Master.com [Monero Mining Platform]s a cloud mining service created by HashCoins specialists in 2020. In a short time, Monero-Master.com [Monero Mining Platform]as become one of the largest providers of computing power for Monero mining. Since 2020, Crypto Assist Ltd [Monero-master.com] is an independent company. The variety of hardware used for mining has increased significantly due to companies such as Bitmain, Bitfury, Inno3d and others.

The Crypto Assist Ltd team has always set the task of making mining available not only for crypto enthusiasts, but also for ordinary users. Thanks to the huge work of engineers, developers and other specialists of the company, as well as partner companies, we have managed to provide the service to more than

If you have any questions about Monero Master services or mining in general, our team will be happy to answer. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on this page. Individual issues can be resolved by sending a request to our support team.

How do :) Multiply Your Monero?

2.00% maximum hourly mining, 0.01 XMR minimum rent price for 100 days, Instant payouts, Registered company, Trusted Investments
How it Works?!
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Process of Start Monero Mining

Take just a few steps to get your first profit!


Complete a simple registration using your Monero wallet address and Email address. Registration will take just 1 minute.

Activate Miner

Immediately after registration, you can proceed to activate the miner.

Withdraw Profit

Every hour your miner will bring you a BIG profit, as soon as the amount of 0.010000 XMR or higher is collected on your balance, you can receive your withdraw.

Referral Program

To speed up Mining Monero Proccess, you can activate the TOP miner packages, for this you need deposit to your balance or use our 15% Referral Program.

Live Transactions [In developing - soon]

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